Please download the indicator file attached and copy it to your Indicators folder in your MT4.

Before attaching the indicator to your chart please make sure the chart has enough history data.
The indicator does not require a lot but still there should be enough tick data available.
For this purpose simply choose the pair and time frame you want to add history data to and then
scroll back the chart for some decent time period so the trading platform could upload some data during this process.

Now as for the trading.
You can choose any instrument for trading be it a currency or index, commodity or anything else.
As for time frames you can also trade any time frame.

This is how the software works.
It is very easy! All you need is follow the arrows.
When you have a new signal, simply enter the market in the direction of the signal.
The arrows do not repaint so you can trust them.
The arrows appear on the open of current candle without any lag at all.
This gives you a great advantage.

Please note, the indicator allows you choosing MA filters in the Inputs which you can adjust to manage the signals on your chart depending on your trading needs.
You can make the signals represent short term or long term waves.
By default it is good for day traders and binary options traders who trade within the day range.
Please note, the indicator is not based on Moving Averages, the MAs are used only as filters which you can adjust to adapt the price waves to your trading preferences.

Each and every MA filter influences the overall signal representation on charts.
The higher the value of the MA, the bigger the price wave will be.
You can try experimenting with the values to find the sweet spot which is appropriate to the pair you'd like to use.
As example, you need more short tern swing signals and thus try making the waves smaller using values like: 1,1,2,1 or 2,1,4,1 or 2,1,2,1.
I believe you've got the idea.
But remember you have 4 values.
The first MA value (upper) should always be bigger or the same than the second one.
And the 3rd MA value should always be bigger or the same as the 4th one.

This tool can be useful both for Forex and Binary options trading.
It can easily become a part of your current strategy or stand alone tool for trading.
No matter what type of a trader you are, this indicator will definitely become a useful tool for your daily trading activity.

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