The indicator displays orders of market participants in real time.

Global and local levels move dynamically as market data becomes available.

BUY Signal
The price approached the largest level in terms of volume (from top to bottom), in this case at this level there are 914,000 contracts. Pay attention to the local volumes (located inside the chart), the large local volume coincided with the large global volume. This in turn confirms the players' interest in the level.

SELL Signal
At the largest volume we see 677,000 contracts. It is important to note that the market “hit” a large local volume (from bottom to top) and also, the largest local volume (red) coincided with the largest global volume (red). We are seeing strong resistance and, as a result, the market is turning down.

Indicator device.
The indicator consists of local and global horizontal volumes, which are formed in relation to players' orders.

Global volumes are located on the right side of the terminal.
Local volumes are formed right inside the chart.
The periods of global and local levels are configured in the indicator parameters.

On local and global volumes, the largest volume is tinted red.

⊙ What is the largest level/volume?

In the above screenshot, the largest level is 1,024,000 contracts. This makes the level stand out from the rest and tints it a pale red color.

As you trade with this indicator, you will constantly see strong resistance around the most powerful levels.

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