arrows no repaint after close candle, appear in current candle

all time frame binary and forex

Indicator Binary Destroyer was at the forefront of trading indicators since its creation in 2015.

  • Each year, we update its algorithms to keep abreast of the latest trading technologies and to increase their productivity.
  • With the global recognition indicator Binary Destroyer is the only indicator that has special functions and settings which you will not find in any other indicator in the world.
  • That's why BD is described as one of the best trading indicators in the world every year since its creation.
  • Built on 3 main platforms, Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 and Ctrader, BD 7.0 based solely on price action.
  • It uses a zone of "Buy" and "Sell" and examines the shapes of candles to calculate where price may turn around and then provides a signal arrow to confirm the market reversal.
  • The indicator is built on 5 core strategies that have been proven to provide stable profits in various market conditions.
  • That's what makes indicator Binary Destroyer is unique because it can be traded in all market conditions on Forex and binary trading, currency pairs, stocks, indices, currencies, and it is suitable for all types of traders.
  • The first indicator is not repainting with 5 built-in strategies
  • Indicator Binary Destroyer is the first indicator in the market, which has 5 built-in strategies.
  • Every trader has their own strengths and weaknesses, so we programmed five strategies to help our members to succeed.
  • Each strategy was designed to ensure stable profits in various market conditions.
  • We are the first company that offered this feature in our indicator

BD / Mogwai Strategy

  • BD strategy - the strategy of all time. If you know Binary Breaker then you will know the strategy!
  • This is a simple but powerful strategy that is ideal for trading with the trend, the rebound range as well as reversals.
  • This variety of strategy makes it an ideal to trade both Forex and Binary market, and is therefore considered one of the best strategies to date.
  • Each of our regular participants began my trading career, mastering this strategy.

Exit strategy

  • Pullback Strategy is a strategy trend, which is perfect for teaching beginners traders in the market.
  • This trading style makes it ideal for scalping in Forex and trade on the Swing, so how do you fix large movement in the market as soon as the reversal happens.
  • This strategy is extremely simple and teaches the basic elements necessary for success in the markets.
  • I'm sure you've heard the saying "the Trend is your friend", and this is certainly true when trading this strategy.

The discrepancy with The Binary Destroyer 7.0

  • Another remarkable feature of Binary Destroyer 7.0 is the ability to detect the difference and give us the signal.
  • Divergent trade is a powerful way to determine when the market slows down when the momentum and reversal can happen.
  • Adding this style of trading with Binary Destroyer makes trading more enjoyable both for Forex and for binary trading.
  • Divergent trade is price action strategy that has been used since the beginning of the trading on the chart for more than 20 years ago

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