Cloud9Nine Trading COURSE VIDEOS

Table of Contents:

Module 1: Location Filters
1-AMT Foundations, Setups, and How to Find Levels
2-Developing a Story
4-Trading the 'Current Auction'
5-The Secret Sauce Behind AMT Levels
6-Combining AMT with the power of Statistics

Module 2: Orderflow Execution
7-Orderflow: Reading Delta & Positioning
8-Orderflow: How to REALLY Read Cumulative Delta the Right Way.
9-Orderflow: Secret ingredients of a Reversal
10-Orderflow: Absorption | Whales & Sharks
11-Orderflow: Footprint Reading | Machine Gunners & Snipers

Module 3: Trade Management
12-AMT Nuances and Variations
13-How to Add to Winners the Right Way
14-Profit Management
15-Risk Management
17-How to Bet Size the RIGHT Way: A Data Driven Approach.

Module 3: Advanced Orderflow
18-Market Profile Patterns
19-Advanced Orderflow: Absorption Limits.
20-Advanced Orderflow: Absorption Walls.
21-Advanced Orderflow: Turning the Numbers into Relative Percentages.
22-Advanced Orderflow: Quantifying Orderflow.

Module 4: Mental Management
-Trade Visualizations.
-Outcome Permutation Visualizations.
-Thinking in Bets & High RR Locations.
-Post RTH Recap Visualization.

Module 5: Other
-How to create and automate statistical backtests yourself using SierraChart. (Coming soon)

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